The process of sanctification is not an easy one. There are ups and downs, slips and falls. The spiritual battle is intense and it never stops in this life. That is why believers’ souls must be taken care of and this must be done at all levels of the church. Therefore, at Harvest Metanoia we want to build a community where each member can understand his/her privilege but also responsibility of caring about the growth of those around them. The counseling ministry is not reserved only for trained specialists, but also for those who want to be trained in order to get involved with helping others.

We believe that the Scripture has the answers to all life’s problems and that change begins from the inside out (from the heart to behavior). We are well aware that any real change is the ministry of the Holy Spirit and we only offer help with the process. We walk alongside people in solving different problems (depression, anxiety, addictions, crisis situations, parenting, demon possession, etc.) and also in helping manage different aspects of life (e.g. premarital and marital counseling). We do all these things on the basis of biblical principles.

If anyone wants to make an appointment for counseling, please contact the secretary of our church or email us at