Harvest Metanoia is a non-denominational church. What does this mean? It means a lot, at least for us.  We do not hold a religious label and we are not under the umbrella of a denomination. We love God, we worship Jesus and we firmly believe in the work of the Holy Spirit.  We are Christians who respect the Bible too much to be caught up with tradition, and so with all due respect towards other Christian denominations, we have chosen to be non-denominational (without affiliation to any specific denomination).

Although among us you’ll find people who were raised in the Catholic, Orthodox, Reformed and Neo-protestant churches, the theological basis on which we build upon is Protestant – we believe that salvation occurs through being born again and expressed through New Testament baptism. From Catholics and Orthodox we have learned love for the history of the church, respecting the past and those who built the foundations of the Christian faith; from the Reformers we have taken the 5 “soles” (Sola Scriptura, Gratia, Fides, Christus, Deo Gloria), trying to maintain the purity of the teachings of Scripture; from the Baptists we have learned to study the Scripture in an expository and applicational way; from the Pentecostals we believe in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit and from the Charismatics, how to have passion in worship.

We are not ecumenical, because the basic doctrines have clearly drawn lines, respecting the convictions of others but we do not negotiate on the absolutes. We believe that in the contemporary context, sometimes denominational fences are obstacles to the enlargement of God’s kingdom, and therefore, at least for us, we have decided to be non-denominational  while respecting the other Christian denominations.