la ce sa ma astept

Harvest Metanoia Church is a dynamic community of believers that seeks to proclaim the gospel of Jesus in a relevant way to the generation in which we live.  Expect to be challenged in many ways. How?

Expect to be CHALLENGED:

a) In your worship
Our church worship is dynamic and full of life, spirit and truth. Therefore freedom in worship is respected in our church, within reason and for the edification of the whole body. Get ready to sing, but wholeheartedly! Our style is contemporary, but the repertoire of songs is chosen in a way to build up all generations . Do you want to know the biblical basis of our worship – why we worship like this? Ask the book stand for CDs explaining the biblical basis of our worship.

b) In your beliefs
Emphasis on expository and applicational preaching will challenge you because every message is aimed at you, practically and personally.  Therefore, come with an open mind and heart, verifying what you are told with the Bible (and do not forget to bring it with you!) and let yourself be challenged without being intimidated by the direct, open and personal style in which we will speak to you. We do not have clichés, we do not want to use religious language but you will experience our prophetic style of preaching because we want to preach the authority of the word of God without restraint.

c) In your daily living
That is for sure! God tells us to not be just hearers but doers (James 1:22) of God’s Word, therefore our applicational teaching always demands a response from those who hear it.  That means being challenged in the way we live, feel and think.  Do not be surprised if after the messages you feel troubled, or even uncomfortable at times, because the Holy Spirit does not want to let us go out the same way in which we came.

Expect to be … ENGAGED:

a) In prayer
We strongly believe in the power of prayer and that is why we want to invite you to experience the power of God through prayer.  Every Wednesday night we have a meeting where we pray together and where you are invited to come.  We also practice specific and personal prayer in small groups. And we enjoy the results – healing, deliverance, change…  things that God has made possible through prayer.

b) In serving
We want spiritual growth for our believers. It occurs most intensively when believers are involved in ministry. Therefore we always challenge people to serve and you will always find room for that. All we need is your availability.  Ask and you will definitely find an opportunity.

c)  In discipleship
Membership at our church is conditioned by integrating into a small group for discipleship purposes.  And I think that by that I have said everything. Our interest as a church is not to have Christian converts in number only, but to make disciples.  That means quality, not just necessarily quantity. Therefore expect to be encouraged to join a small group and be actively involved in church life.

Expect to be … ACCEPTED:

a) Even if you have a tainted past
Among us you will find people who have lived in sin for decades, people who were trapped in their addictions, prodigals, mafia members, people with tattoos or people who have gone through a divorce.  You will also find teachers, lawyers, medical professionals, engineers, artists, construction workers and students.  In other words, we believe that at the cross of Jesus we are all on the same level – requiring equal grace. Therefore we consider the church to be a hospital for sinners rather than a museum for saints.  So do not be afraid of your past, but come and be part of this church if you come with sincere repentance and you want a real and living relationship with Jesus.

b) Even if you have a different style
Our style is a casual, every day style. We promote balance and harmony in everything, trying to guard against extravagance, we advocate for modesty, simplicity and decency both in clothing and in appearance or personal style. We have no problems with jewelry as long as it falls within the perimeter of biblical modesty, nor with head wear, respecting others’ biblical beliefs. Being a church that promotes contemporary style you will not find too many people in suits or fancy clothing- only when we have certain special events. However, if you like to come dressed up, no one will stop you.

c) Even if you’re a prodigal son
We believe in the parable of the Prodigal Son, and therefore, if you ever had an experience with God, but the world, the devil or friends tempted you away from God, or some personal disappointment took you away from church… but in your mind you feel like you want to renew your faith and your relationship with Heavenly Father, you are welcome in our midst. Talk to one of the pastors of the church and tell your story, and let us help you to get back home.  The Father awaits you. You have been lost long enough. Repentance will heal and release you from your past. Trust in God.

Expect to be … HELPED

a) You personally
If you have problems, the elders of the church and our counselors are ready to give you a hand. We know that in this world, because of sin, we are all touched by problems and bear burdens, so have courage and ask for help. We have small groups so that we can know you better beyond the large gatherings of the church, and so we can pray for you . And if you fall, do not hide, do not run, but rather come – we want to help you get back because we do not want to be like the saying, “the church is the only army that kills its own wounded.” We want to deal with sin but heal the sinner.

b) Your children
If you have children, let us take care of them. On Sunday bring them with you to church and ask us about the children’s ministry.  Because in parallel with the church services, where youth and adults are participating , children have their own activities in separate rooms, according to age. Your child will learn about God, will learn to pray, read the Bible and will make Christian friends, while you and your husband/wife can peacefully attend the main service of our church. Over the summer we organize camps for children and various other activities (for more information look on the tab “Children’s Ministry”.

c) Young people in your family
Being a church that caters predominantly to the contemporary generation, we developed a series of special spiritual growth programs for youth/young adults (13-25 years).  During the week preadolescents (10-12 years) have their own meetings with activities and worship, adequate for their age. Every Friday night, teenagers and students come together with one of the church pastors specialized in youth ministry and he addresses topics relevant to their age from the Christian perspective. For more information – see “youth ministry”.