Commitment to expository and applicational preaching
Expository preaching explains the biblical text using literal exegesis, based on the grammatical study and historical context, trying to find and then transmit the meaning of the text of Scripture in the original context to the contemporary listener.  Unlike thematic preaching, expository preaching is usually a verse by verse exposition of a passage, chapter or book of the Bible, not a statement of a theme that gathers and systematizes many biblical references together. An applicational focus in preaching implies that the preacher focuses not only on exegesis of the biblical text but also the exegesis of his audience, trying to make every biblical principle found in the text to be assigned a personal and practical application relevant for the contemporary listener, being challenged to apply it in their lives.  Expository and applicational preaching answers the question, “What does it mean to the recipients of the original text?” then, “What does this text mean to those who read it today?” and finally, “What should I do in  light of what I have understood in this text?”

Dedication to uncompromising contemporary worship
Worship is a biblical and universal means of glorifying God and therefore must be contextualized for each culture and generation, so that man may glorify God in a “natural” way that is relevant to his  generation and the culture in which he lives. Since worship that glorifies God must be vertical, Harvest Metanoia churches are careful to maintain relevant worship without compromising the essence, without diluting His message for the sake of style and contemporary expression.

Dedication to quality and not quantity of disciples
Making disciples is the purpose of our church, but the ultimate goal is not quantity but quality of the disciples. Therefore the formation of disciples is continually monitored and evaluated, making sure that the fundamental elements in the formation of a disciple are implemented in its entirety in the life of every believer/church member.

Dedication to worship, ministry, and walk with Christ
We are committed to implement in the life of every believer (member) of the church the fundamental elements that define a biblical disciple: worship, walk and work. Every church member should worship, walk and work for Christ.

Dedication to a thriving small group ministry
The small group is the most appropriate place for discipleship – the training of disciples. According to biblical examples, in our church we want every Christian to be a disciple, and therefore a primary focus of our work is the development, monitoring and evaluation of small groups is comprised of  all members of our church.

Commitment to church planting
The mission of the church according to the Scripture is not just about evangelism but about church planting, and the apostles, wherever they evangelized, put together the foundations of a new church.  The church is where disciples are formed, and therefore our mission will focus primarily on church planting and then the other outside ministries.

Dedication to being an elder-governed church
Both the in Old Testament and the New Testament, God led his chosen people through elders, a group of mature believers, examined and validated by their consecration in the ministry, and the Lord gave them authority and responsibility to shepherd His flock. They are the ones who oversee every area of church ministry, protecting the health of the church and taking the lead in the direction, doctrine and discipline of the church.

Dedication to Biblical counseling
Biblical counseling is the process by which the church seeks to solve the problems and burdens of believers. Given that in contemporary society there are many widespread perspectives and understandings to approach healing and solving life’s problems, we believe in Scripture, God gave us the all the necessary tools to solve any human problem. Therefore, in the process of analysis and resolution of problems and the burdens of life, our approach will be biblical , not integrationist, assessing all symptoms and solutions proposed through the truth of Scripture.

Dedication for periodic and intentional evaluation
We believe that any healthy spiritual work should be focused on purpose and thus have measurable objectives that can be evaluated. Effective ministry in the church is a biblical requirement and therefore assessments will be made deliberately and regularly, depending on the needs and criteria set by the church leadership.