In communicating and implementing the tasks in Harvest Metanoia we have three principles: clarity, simplicity, urgency

Clarity – means transmitting the essence of information clearly, in a concise and concrete way, to be clearly and easily understood by the listener
Simplicity – means “wrapping” and presenting information in a way that is easy to understand and accessible to all without unnecessary formalities or in a stuffy, complicated or overly sophisticated way.
Urgency – means starting tasks once they have been assigned, without being postponed, requiring an immediate solution. The sooner the better. Lateness, postponement, delay and leaving things until the last minute are habits that we are trying to avoid and correct.

There are three requirements necessary for all those who serve at Harvest Metanoia church, from staff members to simple members in the church: character, competence, faithfulness.

Character – God’s work requires a standard of morality according to God’s Word. Character is the fundamental requirement and eliminator for every believer involved in church ministry.
Competence – God’s work demands quality, that is why competence is a must. As the Holy Spirit gives functions and responsibilities according to gifts and abilities, at Harvest Metanoia we are looking for competent people that match various services of the church.
Faithfulness – God’s work cannot be done in just any manner, so perseverance and completing tasks as they were established, are imperative. Given our flesh and evil desires, there will always be opposition to the work of God, and the believer must be aware that any work done for God involves a struggle to complete it, so faithfulness is of great value in the work of our church.