To glorify God by the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), by making disciples.



The Harvest Metanoia community of believers have as our foundation four pillars that provide a way for us to glorify God:

  1. We boldly proclaim the authority of Scripture
  2. We passionately lift high the name of Jesus Christ through worship
  3. We believe firmly in the power of prayer
  4. We boldly share the gospel of Jesus Christ


At Harvest Metanoia, we believe that in order to achieve our goal of fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ (Mat. 28:28-20) , the basic element is making disciples. A disciple is a believer in Jesus Christ, born again and baptized following the New Testament model.  He is part of the church and meets three fundamental requirements, which are the characteristics of the disciples of Jesus Christ in the gospels:

  1. The disciple worships Christ
  2. The disciple walks with Christ
  3. The disciple works for Christ


To form an authentic disciple requires an environment (the church) and also a process (the ministry funnel), that combine many important and essential elements together.


High impact services take place on Sunday mornings, when the entire community of believers gather together to worship Jesus through prayer, the preaching of the Word and worship.  High impact services can also include other activities, but they all have the same purpose to motivate, soul search and challenge the believers to a vibrant and authentic worship before God. We want the impact to be felt by every person present in our services, and for that we organize a special worship service with preaching and prayer for the children.  They meet in a separate area at the same time as the service for adults.

Assimilation is the integration process that every person can use to be a part of our community. Assimilation is an intentional and regular process, coordinated by a specialized team that connects with new people who are interested in being part of Harvest Metanoia. We believe that a disciple is the person who decides to follow Jesus Christ personally, but he walks with Jesus in community as part of the body of Christ (the church).  This is the role of assimilation –a process that gathers information about the people who are part of the high impact services or people who are interested in integrating  into our community.

The small group provides the most appropriate discipleship training following the biblical model. The end result of assimilation is to integrate the person in a small group.  Our entire ministry is based on small groups; that is why participation in a small group is a requirement for church membership. We believe that every disciple has to learn to walk with Christ, and he needs to be helped, supervised, guided and protected in his walk, and the best environment for this is the small group.  There is an intrinsic link between assimilation and small groups.

Active service is the result of integrating a healthy believer into our community. It is the fruit of the discipleship process and best reveals the authenticity of a disciple.  As a key component in the growth and maturation of the believer, serving is not optional but is an integral part of the life of members at Harvest Metanoia Arad.