Assimilation is a strategic ministry of the church and the purpose is to identify and integrate new people and families in the church.

Assimilation has 4 basic components:

  • Welcome – a team that gives a warm welcome to those who visit the Harvest Metanoia Arad community.
  • Ushers – a team that is involved in serving those who come to the church, giving information, guidance and showing hospitality.
  • Follow-up team – a team that contacts people who show an interest to be part of our community (in the form of a sign-up sheet located in the church bulletin), and they also help people to integrate into the church.
  • Coordinator elder – together with the team they help to assimilate members into the church, especially into the small groups (in collaboration with the small group department).

More information about assimilation can be found in the “Ministry” section.