Harvest tour

From March 30 – April 2, the worship team of Harvest Arad, together with Cristian Barbosu, will go on a tour to many important cities in Romania. If you have friends, both Christian and non-Christian, please invite them to these events because they will be spiritually challenged. These are the locations where the meetings will take place:

Thursday, March 30: Oradea – Biserica Baptistă Speranţa, Str. Alexandru Cazaban Nr. 49, 7pm
Friday, March 31: Cluj – Biserica Via, Str. Frunzişului 79, Cluj Napoca, 7pm
Saturday, April 1: Suceava – Casa de Cultură a Sindicatelor, Str. Ştefan cel Mare, Nr. 20A, 5pm
Sunday, April 2: Iaşi – Hotelul Traian, Str. Piaţa Unirii, Nr. 1 (Sala Eminescu) 10:00am
Sunday, April 2: Iaşi – Biserica Rhema, Teatrul Luceafărul, Str. Grigore Ureche, Nr. 5, Iaşi, 5pm