Special women’s meeting, June 1st

This spring, because of many important events, we have postponed this meeting especially dedicated to women and young ladies, but… this time we will have a very special time together. We have managed to capture a spot in the busy schedule of an exceptional speaker, Kim Meeder, who graciously decided to include us in her European tour. This event will take place on Wednesday evening (June 1st), starting at 6:00pm. We encourage you to reserve a place in your calendar because it is not just a story of the life of this unique women, but it is also about how God worked in her life through some very difficult circumstances.

Kim has a very special ministry. When she was young she suffered a huge trauma in her life and what saved and healed her was Jesus… through a horse which she received as a gift. Together with her husband, they now have a farm in which they bring mistreated and abused horses, putting them back on their feet. What do they do with these horses? They bring traumatized children who spend time near the horses and begin to heal themselves. At the same time, they talk to them about Jesus, letting them know that He is the one who is able to heal. It is an unusual ministry, but it is so special because the horses feel the emotions of humans and they begin to connect with them. Kim will talk about brokenness because she works with broken people and animals, and is herself an expert in this subject.